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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Storyteller Challenge #4: Random Promt Generator!

The Storyteller Linky ButtonShah is at it again, creating lots of opportunities for us writers to practice, do a few prompts, talk about them and so much more. It's been a while since I did one, but when I saw my prompt, I was inspired to do something.

The prompt for this challenge is randomly generated and every one is funny, a bit off, but full of inspiration!

Here is the prompt that I recieved:

The painfully shy, German grandmother who feeds the pigeons and secretly plays the lotto.

And here is what I came up with!

Grandma Ba-bam-ee
Doesn't Fight the Lottery

Grandma Ba-bam-ee
Sits on her German fanny
Counting her docket
Deep in her pocket.
She finds bird seed
And pigeon feed,
Some torn tweed
And a type of greed.

The birds were feeding
While Grandma was seething;
Still not enough sums
Reaching her thumbs.
Ba-bam-ee needed a ticket
To satisfy her thicket.
The night filled with crickets
And still no ticket!

Tomorrow would be better,
And the pigeons were fatter.
She’d try again
And by summer’s end
She might have enough,
And a little more scruff,
To pay for the fluff
Instead of having to huff.

Grandma Ba-bam-ee would be,
More than you and me,
The richest hag
In all the bag.
No more sitting on benches
With only wrenches
Thrown into her trenches;
A life like the French’s.

Painfully shy
And about to cry
Grandma turned from the lights
Trying to block out city brights.
But the lottery called to her.
It sang and begged of her!
“You can win like before!
A dollar or more!”

Holding her ears so tight
Ba-bam-ee yelled with might,
“You run my life!
Not now! I can’t fight!”
It haunted her dreams,
Pulling at frayed seems.
Cold on the streets,
Needing warm sheets.

Those with homes passed her,
Ignored and suppressed her.
But Grandma stuck up her nose,
Struck a daunting pose,
Walked to the park,
Sat down by the arc,
Fed the lark,
No lack of spark.

She had a good life,
Before this strife,
But never was she more content
When she found a cent.
She’d hid it away
Until came the day
When it would pay
And take her away.


  1. You do make me giggle with these rhymes Aubrie. Or are they limericks? I'm not sure of the accurate definitions. You played a blinder with this one, although I also feat sad for her too. Bless. Gambling addiction and pigeons. It's no life for the elderly. :) Thanks so much for taking the time to enter this week too. Lovin it! X

    1. Thanks. I'm not sure what the rhyme scheme would be defined as. I just kind of when with it and ended up with an aabbcccc kind of thing going on. :)

  2. PS; If you linked this up, the linky dissapeared as my subscription ran out. Sorry. I now use a free provider instead and have had to put another linky for this week. Please stop by and link up again here - http://wordsinsync.blogspot.com/2012/01/storyteller-linky.html X

    1. Thanks for letting me know and for getting me all set up with the linky again!

  3. Wow this is clever and cute. I like it!


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