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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Discussion Topic: The Real Reason Children Don't Play Outside Anymore!

It's been ages since we had a discussion topic!!!

There wasn't really a reason for stopping except for the fact that I hadn't heard of or thought of anything good lately, but judging by my top posts on my right hand side bar, the discussion topics are the HUGE hit, even after being stagnant of months! So, here we go, back to the good old days!

Discussion: The Real Reason Children Don't Play Outside Anymore!

There is an obvious trend going on in America where children seem to no longer play outside. Now, one of the obvious explanations is that the new generations are more and more technology driven. And with technology replacing simple entertainments and almost all social practices, who can really blame the children?

Nevertheless, my father has a different idea. His reasons for why children no play outside come down to three very specific kinds of creatures:
  1. Zombies
  2. Bigfoot
  3. River Monsters
Yes, that's what I said!

Dad and I spent a rather leisurely day in the living room watching a marathon of The Walking Dead (excellent television for a Sunday afternoon!) when suddenly he popped up from his chair and said, "This is the reason children don't want to go outside! After watching shows like this, who would!? They're all afraid they're going to get eaten by zombies, Bigfoot, or river monsters every time they walk outside their back door!"

I laughed, but once the fit of giggles was over with, I calmly replied, "You may be on to something!"

With all these new tv shows about finding Bigfoot or Sasquatch, paranormal ghosts, zombies, river monsters, creatures of the deep, unsolved animal attacks, werewolves, vampires (even the cute ones), who knows what has gotten into our heads! We've got kids not wanting to sleep in their beds or with the closets open, teenagers biting each other or exchanging blood, the crazies coming out for the end of the world, and even a show called 1,000 Ways to Die. Can we get a little more morbid up in here?

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE me some romantic paranormal whatever! BUT, could this kind of entertainment be affecting us in one way or another?

What are you thoughts?
Why don't children play outside anymore?
Why the turn towards this monstrous (I mean this in the best way), paranormal, and dark (I also mean this in the best way) entertainment? It's not really anything new, but it is more prominent now than in the last decade.
Do you think it affects certain people? Children?


  1. My son and I love The Walking Dead, but through discussion with him about his fears there doesn't seem to be any correlation. He understands the story is fiction and the "bogey man" is not something to fear.

    On the other hand he has told me that the news about children being kidnapped and/or going missing is more of a fear he takes seriously. Gone are the days where a child could walk to the store or playground alone to meet with friends. Just taking a walk with my son the other day, we met several individuals we had to opportunity to smile and say hello to. Instead of a pleasant exchange they looked at us like we had grown two heads.

    I'm not sure that tv is having as much of an impact on children nowadays than just the general unfriendliness of society.

  2. I think Lynda has a good point about the kidnapping issue. I think that is much more likely to be a contributing factor than the zombies... although your Dad's reasoning cracked me up and I betcha there is at least one kid out there that it's true for!

    I think the video games issue is also a big factor. Take someone like my hubby - he loves to play video games and hates doing anything that requires physical activity. Going outside usually involves activities that require physical activity :P

  3. I agree with the notion of technology, but not the notion of fear.

  4. Lynda...I can definitely see where that could become a factor, especially as kids transition into that period of consciousness and realization that they are a part of this world and not every part is good.

    Ruthie...Glad that it cracked you up! That was realy the whole point of this. I blame technology and video games pretty much 100%. I just thought this was hilarious and for fun.

    Matt...I agree to a point. I definitely believe technology is mostly to blame, but fear can contribute a great deal. I remember random weeks when I wouldn't go outside because I was afraid, like the week after I got stung by a bee for the first time, or when I learned that we have black bears in our area. I distinctly remember not wanting to play outside or venture far from the house.

  5. But those are more rational fears. In this cynical age, children are all too aware of what is real and what is fantasy. Zombies are "too cool" to be afraid of. And all of these zombie-slaying video games serve to desensitize the idea. Zombies are easy to kill and if they get scared by one "in real life," they can just turn on their games and slay a ton to unleash their stresses.

  6. Matt...I guess that wasn't my point. I really didn't think anyone would take the article seriously.

  7. Matt...I agree with you completely about the zombies. The article was only a thought for fun.

  8. It must be the zombies...lol

    I do think people are more afraid these days because we see so much on tv. Not just the news but dramas about all sorts of crimes make us think that there is danger around every corner.

    My kids aren't afraid of zombies though, they run around trying to get the zombies ;)

  9. Well, at any rate, I'm sure some kid really is terrified. I know a grown woman who is afraid of zombies.

  10. Julie...Excellent point. We are more exposed than ever it feels like.

    Matt...There are always exceptions. I believe that!

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