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Monday, January 16, 2012

PoeKitten: Another Bookmark Break Challenge 2011 Winner!

PoeKitten from Many Waters

Poekitten joined the Bookmark Break Challenge in 2011, having read 114 books in total, and she is rejoining for the year of 2012! She's a fabulous competitor and I am so pleased to have her around 2 years in a row!
(NOTE: If you are a BMBC '11 Winner and you have not recieve the questionaire, please email me at redmatinee7007@aol.com and give me your email address. I was missing a few and plus my demon mailer shot some questionnaires back to me.)

Let's see what PoeKitten had to say!
Challenge Questions:
1.      Why did you join the Bookmark Break Challenge in 2011?
I thought it would be fun to keep track of how many books I read.  I love to read and knew that I read a lot but had never kept track.  This seemed like a great way to figure out how many books I read.
2.      Did you set a goal for yourself in this challenge?
Nope, just read as much as I could!
3.      Do you have a goal for this challenge in 2012?
Again, I just want to read as many as I can.  I did set a goal of 115 on Good Reads so I guess that works!  I read 114 last year and I’m hoping I can at least read as many as I did last year.  I didn’t increase it too much cause my first child is due in July and I’m not sure how much reading I’ll be able to do once munchkin arrives!
4.      How did you learn to read so fast!?
I have no idea.  I’ve always read fast but it can be a blessing and a curse.  I don’t always catch all the details.  I think this is why I don’t mind rereading books!
5.      What was the kind of thing you were reading the most? (Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, a certain genre, books for school?)
I was mostly reading Christian Fiction.  I got most of it for free on Amazon for my Kindle.   I did read other stuff too, like Harry Potter.
6.      How did your love for books begin?
It began before I could read.  I remember watching my mom read and I wanted to be able to read too!  I was so excited when I learned and I’ve never stopped.
7.      What was your favorite book you read this year and why?
I don’t have a single favorite.  I really enjoyed the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series.   The Hunger Games series was also enjoyable (though I hate saying that cause it’s not a fun/nice topic!)
8.      What was your least favorite book you read this year and why?
I’m not sure.  There were some that I didn’t think were as well written as others (that what you get for reading free books) but none that stick out in my mind.
9.      Any books you are looking forward to in 2011?
2011?  Do we mean 2012?  Um, not that I can think of.  I’m rereading some favorites now.  I’m hoping to get a little ahead in the beginning so I if I can’t read as much at the end of the year it will be ok.
10.   Any advice for those entering the challenge in 2012?
Just read.  Even reading for 5 or 10 minutes is good!  I bring my Kindle with me just about everywhere I go and if I have some downtime I love being able to read instead of wasting it.

Random Questions:
1.      What do you love the most about yourself?
This is a hard one.  Um, I love my eyes.  They’re brown and I just like them.
2.      What’s the most random thing that popped into your head today?
How I really want to have baked chicken for today.  Food hasn’t been sounding good so I’m excited that something finally does!
3.      What’s your blog and what’s it about?
My blog is called Many Waters and it’s about my life.  I write about being a military spouse, what I’m sewing/crafting, what we’re doing on our house, our about furbabies (we have 4) and about being pregnant.  Before we were pregnant I did share a little bit about our struggle with infertility.  It’s a little bit of everything.
4.      Tell me and my readers 2 truths and 1 lie and we’ll try to guess the lie.
  • I love to eat Salmon
  • I have at least 5 quilts to finish is my sewing room at the moment
  • I lived in Asia for 3 years.
So…what do you think?  If you want some help you can find the answers on my blog.
5.      Tell me and my readers something you hold true to your heart, some wisdom.
Never give up hope.

Thanks, Poe for the fantastic answers!

Let's not all forget to try and guess what Poe's lie might have been out of her 2 Truths and 1 Lie!


  1. Thanks for the great answers! I am going to guess that your lie is that you love salmon. I don't like it so I don't know how others can. lol.

  2. I am going to guess the quilt one.

    Congrats on your first baby :) I actually read a lot when I first have a baby because I am up all night nursing. Reading helped me stay awake...;)


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