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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WYE?s Bookmark Break Challenge (2 Month Update!)

Well, it's already been two months! I feel like this year is just flying by (Wait! Don't go!) And the beginning of each moth means less and less time for you to crack open those books and save those poor old bookmarks that are just suffocating! Well, some of you have done the most honorable thing my joining the Bookmark Break Challenge! Your efforts have aided in the saving of over 130+ bookmarks. I am so very proud! NOTE: If you would like to save the bookmarks by joining in on the Bookmark Break Challenge, simply click here to get started!
Now, onto the competitor's list to see where everyone stands!



This list is looking pretty fabulous! Susan has been holding her on at the top! (Although, I will note that Rose should have her new list up for February and she could be jumping up quite a bit!) I'm still sitting quite happily in the middle! I love knowing that I am reading and that so many other people are reading right along with me! Good job to everyone! Also, as you may have already noticed, we have some new people. Moana and dtwilight joined as a mother-daughter duo, both having read three books a piece. Kyria is also a new entry and is already kicking my butt at 10 books. It's lovely to have all of you. Of course, the veterans are holding their own and we love to be competing against them as well. Keep up the good work my friends!

Also, you can click on any of their names to get a good look at their list of books, see what they have been reading, and track their progress. The same can be done with my list that I post on the Bookmark Break Challenge page (or listed conveniently below.) You can see what books I have been reading. Also, title on my list is a link to the amazon page so if you would like to read it as well, you will know what to look for!

  1. The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle
  2. A Midsummer Night's Dream
  3. The Metamorphosis
  4. Frankenstein
  5. The Merchant of Venice
  6. Death in Venice
  7. Things Fall Apart
  8. Macbeth
Until next month!


  1. This is so exciting. It is so great to see that other people are reading and what they are reading. This is such a great idea. But I am actually up to 11 books now, hihi.

  2. I feel like it's cheating to include required texts for classes, heheh. :P

  3. A womans right to shoes...Excellent! I will make sure to get that updated for you on the main list.

    Matt...why? The person still has to read the whole book.

  4. I'm loving this! I'm reading so much more now that I have my Kindle:) I've been getting tons of free books from Amazon. Don't worry, I'm still reading paperbooks too!

  5. Wow those are some big numbers! Keep up the good work!

    What did you think of Things Fall Apart? I had to read it in high school and think I'd like to read it again now that I'm older and not being forced to read it :)

  6. Yeah, but it's a book that you're required to read as opposed to a book that you choose to read.

    Not a big deal, I was only teasing.

  7. Moana and I are just working along reading. The Book mark Break Challenge has been excellent!

  8. Hiya!
    I came across your blog, and was wondering if I could join in the challenge! I love reading books, and have at the current time also a challenge going on (in the home my other half and myself are seeing who can read the most books in 2011. He has just discovered reading ;) )

  9. Hi Aubrie - hows it all going lately? I haven't been able to update my shelfari so its a bit behind - they are driving me crazy? Shah. X

  10. Woot! I'm actually up to 30 now, which is crazy. 2011 may just be the year I finally reach my goal of reading 200 books. Wish me luck!

  11. a woman's right to shoes...Yeah, it's pretty dang cool!

    Poekitten...nothing is better than FREE books!!!

    KT...I had never read Things Fall Apart until this year and I did not like it very much. :( It just felt LONG! Plus, we have been reading a lot of stories that are all doom and gloom, everyone dies, etc. So, reading another story like that was not enjoyable at all.

    Matt...Yeah, but just because it is required reading doesn't mean someone isn't interested in reading it. I always wanted tor ead some of the classics like Frankenstien so I am so happy that my class gave me the opportunity to do so. It could be the same for others. I know you were only teasing, hence the hehe. I'm just starting a discussion.

    dtwilight...I am so happy you and Moana are both enjoying it!

    ib...you are more than welcome to join. I will stop by your blog and fill ya in!

    shah...Shelfari has been tons of fun, but yes, updating it can be a pain at times!

    Susan...You are crazy! but at the rate you are going, I defiantly think you can meet your goal! Go for it!

  12. I've now read 4 books AubrieAnne!

  13. dtwilight...Thanks! I have got to update the list soon!


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