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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Wonder: Lynda

General Questions…

Name:  Lynda Schultz           
Blog Penname:  Lynda Schultz
A sentence or two about yourself:  I am a Christian homeschooling stay-at-home mom of one and caretaker of my disabled mother. 
Link to blog:  http://lynishiskid.blogspot.com
A sentence or two on what your blog is about:  I enjoy sharing my experiences of homeschooling and caretaking.  I have enjoyed doing a few reviews and giveaways, but mostly I love to write about my faith and walk with Christ.

Book Lover Questions…

What is your favorite book and why?  My favorite book is the Bible.  There is adventure, romance, poetry, and instruction in all those wonderful pages.
Other favorites?
What’s your favorite genre to read?  Anything and everything written by Charles Swindoll.
Where do you like to read?  In my over-stuffed, comfy recliner.
Do you prefer paper books or ebooks?  You can’t beat the smell and feel of  paper books.
Do you prefer to buy or borrow books?  I have always agreed that you can never own enough books.
Do you stop reading when you are tired or when you hit chapter breaks?  I like to get to the chapter breaks, but then I get to them and have to keep reading until I fall asleep.
When you finish a book do you usually keep it, throw it away, sell it, or give it away?  My book hoarding tendencies are too strong.  I keep every one of them.
What helps you decide on a book? (Book reviews, suggested by friend, by browsing the shelves, etc.)   Browsing the shelves.  I like to read a few pages to decide if I want to read something.
Do you prefer to read a book that stands on its own or is a part of a series?  I like either.  Although, I have started a few series and have had to wait for the author to finish the next one.  That is very frustrating for me.

So You Want to be a Writer questions…

A few sentences about your writing: What do you write (blog entries, novels, poetry, etc)?  I have not really found what is most comfortable for me yet.  I know what I like to write, but I want it to come from deeper inside, express more emotion and feeling.  I have written some poetry and a lot of blog entries, but I have a desire to take the reader outside their comfort zone.
Why do you write?  I have always written.  Whether it is good or not I just keep writing.  I love the keys on the keyboard.  Putting words together is such a beautiful thing to me.
Did you always know that you wanted to write?  Yes!  My very first easy reader I copied word for word in a notebook wishing I had put those words together.  I was mesmerized by the words and emotions of the story.  I can’t remember the book, but I knew then that is what I wanted to do.

Favorite Questions…

What’s your favorite food?  I am a steak and potatoes gal.  Preferably prime rib, but any nice cut of beef will do. 
Favorite color?  Blue, baby blue or denim blue
Favorite song?  Music Box Dancer
Favorite movie?  August Rush
Favorite TV show?  I Love Lucy

Random Questions…

If you developed a superpower what would it be and why?   The healing touch.  I hate to see anyone in pain.  Whether it be illness, injury, disease, or heart ache I feel the pain with the other person.
What did you want to be when you were little?  I wanted to be an English teacher.
What is the answer to life?  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul.


  1. Thank you for featuring me in your Weekend Wonder feature AubrieAnne. I am highlighting you on Monday in my A Shining Blog feature. It's about time, right! It has been really great getting to know you through blogging.

  2. Great feature on my dear blog friend Lynda. She writes the most inspirational posts and I admire her ability to put emotion and feelings into her post, something I still strive to do myself. I couldn't agree more with the waiting around for the next book in the series comment. I am waiting for the final book in the Saxons tale and it is driving me crazy.

  3. What an awesome piece on Lynda! Lynda was the first homeschool blog I ever read, and after reading through her blog, she inspired me to start my own homeschool blog.

    Lynda is kind, compassionate, and an amazing writer. As Anna-Marie mentioned, Lynda has a great way of making you truly feel {deep down in your gut} what it is she is feeling. It makes for some interesting reading!

    This is my first foray over to your blog; I found you on Lynda's Shining Blog post. Can't wait to dig around the site some more.

  4. Lynda...You are very welcome and thank you so much! I can't wait to come and check it out!

    The Adventurer...I have spent many a weeks sitting around waiting for the next book in a series!!!

    Tiffany...Feel free to dig and dig and dig. I am really proud of some of my older posts and I love when people find them. :)


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