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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Poll #6 Results: What is Your Creative Outlet?

I know these results are long overdue, but I really appreciate everyone hanging in there. Let’s get straight to the results then.

In first, not surprising, with 33% is writing! Well, I certainly hope that is everyone’s creative outlet, especially since we are all bloggers and life would be just miserable if we did all this blogging and never used it has a creative outlet, because it IS creative!

Next, was cooking and other, with 15%. Now, I don’t consider myself a cook, in fact, cooking can be stressful for me at times, but it makes me very happy to hear that others find it not only enjoyable, but creative. Thank the lord for you guys. Without you people like me would starve! Now, I am curious what other creative outlets people have. Please let me know! Someone can always use new creative outlets! They are too important in our lives! Everyone needs one!

In third, with 10% is designing. I am a designer! I created my own jewelry line and it has been flourishing! I signed up to sell it in three local festivals so far and am even campaigning to get it in a few local stores! Very exciting stuff! What do you guys design though?

Two outlets got 6%. They were drawing/painting, one of my personal favorites, and singing! I LOVE to draw or paint and have worked with several different mediums as many of you may know. There’s absolutely NOTHING more soothing than drawing for me. I also enjoy singing, but only in the shower or in the car! I did a few musicals in high school and had more than a couple solos, but they were hard! I commend those people out there who know their talents and share them. I am even watching American Idol right now!

In fifth, with 5% is gardening. My dad loves to garden and he has the best green thumb I have ever seen. I honestly did not inherit such a talent. In fact, many green things die if I even breathe on it. :( I think I am getting better though. Lol. I took a biology course and we grew plants from stem cuttings. That was eight months ago and my plants are still making it. They like to wilt and drop leaves, picky little buggers!, but a little water perks them up. BUT, I can’t water them too much or else they will start turning yellow and dropping leaves again!!! They’re really like small children more than plants. Anyway, I commend those of you that understand plants.

With 3%, is acting and planning! More power to you acting people! I think acting is so much fun, even if you’re not very good at it. It’s a great way to get comfortable with yourself, your voice, and your body! For those of you that plan, you’re a lot like me. I have to have things planned more of the time. I always though event planning would be fun too, but I know that some of the people you deal with are super freaks so it could get frustrating.

With 2 %, we have both decorating and dancing. I like to decorate. I rearrange my room very often and even considered becoming an interior designer for a while. I think it’s a great way to relax and clear your mind and your space! Dancing is something that I always wished I could do. I did take ballet for a while when I was ten or twelve and it was a lot of fun. I gained tons of flexibility that I have maintained. I also met lots of other young women who became good friends throughout school. Now, I watch shows like Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance with so much envy! I am turning green!

Finally, with 0%, is woodworking. I didn’t know if anyone on here was doing any of this. I just knew it’s been a good creative outlet for my dad, some of my cousins, and two of my grandpas!

Well, that’s it! Thanks for sharing!

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  1. My creative outlets include stain glass and basketry. :)

  2. I've often been inspired by watching television or playing games.

  3. The Adventurer...I think that's too cool. A girl at my school used to do stained glass things and I thought it was the neatest thing. I really wanted to learn for a while.

    Matt...Me too.


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