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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy is the Watchword

I figured it was probably about time to inform everyone on what the he** has been going on! However, let me note, I can not do that in one word. I have been busy, busy, BUSY!
It started a couple weeks ago when every single one of my classes decided to assign an essay, each being due with days of each other (two on the same day). Well, I got them all back this week. I got 3 100%! and 1 B. (Way to ruin the perfect trend Science Fiction and Fantasy class!)

Now, I have to finish my Shakespeare journal, edit some manuscripts, study for my midterm in World Literature, and rewrite the B essay in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Then, my computer not only got one piece of malware, but TWO! Then, I later found a trojan there as well. BLAH! :( (All clean now, though!)

Next, I decided to sign up for a vendor's booth at a music festival. (This could quickly turn into 2 or 3 festivals depending on who is still accepting applications and a pretty check!) So, I'm working my darling fingers to their nubs (Let me tell you! Never pay for a manicure when you are planning on going all Becky Thatcher/Harry Winston for the weekend!) making recycled notebooks, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets (new), sun catchers (new), and whatever else comes to mind!

Also, the most lovely Chief Operating Officer at the Chamber of Commerce just discussed a possible opportunity at a special effects studio. I can't say much about it right now. It's my newest venture, but I hope to have more insights soon!

Finally, I'm spending lots and lots of time with family. My grandma has breakfast every Sunday at her house, a cousin of mine is having a new baby soon, and we're all just rallying around each other. In fact, I am taking two of my cousins to the movie Beastly tomorrow! and one of my best friends and her sister are coming along. We'll all go out to dinner and then go see the movie! Also, I'm taking a trip to Atlanta to see my Aunt and Uncle and their kids over Spring Break so I will be out for that whole week.

All in all, it's been pretty good. The only thing I miss is not blogging every day. I will try, though! :)

So, fill me in on what has been going on! I want to know everything!


  1. I'm glad that you're getting to spend some good quality time with your family! Family is the best:)

  2. My word, girl, you have been busy!

    I've been a bit busy, too, with homework and Cafe World on Facebook. Oh, and being a Writing Center consultant. That's my favorite part. Read all about my quarter here: Consulting and Dancing and Writing - Oh My!

    I want to see the movie Beastly. Call me lame, but I like seeing modern retellings of classic fairy tales. And I think there have been more than enough of Cinderella. Time for a different one.

  3. You have been extremely busy AubrieAnne! Yesterday, I had an excursion to Canberra. I had to wake up at up at 4:30AM and it took about three hours to get there. I am still tired from the trip!

  4. I'd be perfectly content with a "B" paper.
    My home town is just south of Atlanta.

  5. OH MY! I am finally all caught up! YEAH! I went back and made sure to reply to everyone!!!

    Now, onto today...

    Poekitten...Family is the best! I've missed them a lot lately with being away at school and all.

    Sarah the writer...You're a writing center consultant? I am so jealous!!! I wanted to be one at my university, but I missed the deadline by about 4 months. lol. they choose their consultants the year before and wouldn't even let me hand them my resume and essays that I spent hours on the week previous. They don't even take volunteers. :(:(:( Then, my community college didn't have any openings because everyone kept their job from the previous year. They are so dang selective sometimes. I think it would have been a blast though!

    dtwilight...WOW! I would be tired too. I hope you had a blast though!

    Matt...I usually would be too! I mean a B is just fine. However, the only reason I got knocked down was for sentence structure, paragraphing, and punctuation! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! I MEAN, IT's ME!!! lol. I had to laugh about it, but it was absolute nonsense! Yes, I admit that I forgot to talk about the stories in the present tense, but he was making purely stylistic changes to some of my sentences. SORRY THAT MY SENTENCE WASN'T PHRASE EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANTED IT TO BE! (Please, note the frustration!)

  6. You were pretty high-strung that week with so many tasks. Such errors are forgivable.

  7. This is why I don't miss college! Did it once won't do it again:)

  8. Matt...Perhaps, but I looked it over, and I really do not agree with some of the stuff he changed. A lot was more stylistic than grammatical. Anyway, I got over it and didn't do the rewrite.

    The Adventurer...lol. and I am thinking of going for my Masters! THE HORROR! I have the entire summer to think about it though and a potential job!!!


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