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Friday, March 9, 2012

Discusion Topic and Questions: Fast Readers!

I was feeling really great about myself this week! With a combination of the power being out, having started some really good books lately, and the CW playing reruns for the last week or more, I have finished 4 books in the last week! That boosted my total number of books so far this year from 9 to 13! I am well ahead of my goal (trying to finish at least one book a week and with only 10 weeks having passed this year, I am 3 weeks ahead!) I mean, I have never considered myself the fastest reader, especially if I am reading something I don't necessarily love, but I am a "good" reader. I think I read faster than most people and can generally understand and retain everything I read and I don't stumble while reading.

So, when did my ego get a little bruised? Thank you for asking! It was right about the point when I was updating the competitor's list and found out that some people have completed 10 BOOKS this week!! If I could read that much, that fast, it might actually justify the amount of books I buy on near weekly basis! Way to show off you flippin amazing people!!! I'm proud!

This has now led to me wanting to ask a few questions! Good questions. (Please note that I am not doubting anyone's awesomeness. Just curious how you get to be so awesome!!!)

1. How do you read so fast? Or do you spend a lot of your time reading? I, myself, only get in about an hour a day. Sometimes a bit more on the weekends.
2. Is reading a part of your profession, or just a fabulous hobby? For me, for now, it is just a fabulous hobby. One day I want it to be a very large part of my profession.
3. This is semi related to the last questions...Do you get paid to read books? Not necessary cash, but perhaps you get the books for free and then you review the book or write about it. I'd love to get into that!
4. Do you find that you remember a lot of what you read or do you often reread books? Some books I finish in a day, but I still tend to remember most of what I read. A year later, I might not, but then is a good time to reread!
5. Anyone else have any questions? Maybe even a super reader has a question!

Let me know! Hop on board and answer some of these or ansk other question! I love to hear from everyone!

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone can still join the Bookmark Break Challenge for 2012. Just visit this link...


  1. I don't consider myself a "FAST" reader, I think I'm more in line with how you read: probably faster than most people, understand and retain everything and don't stumble.

    Reading is a guilty pleasure of mine that I try to devour when I have the time. With 2 small little ones it can be hard. So I try to get at least a chapter of reading in at night. On days when I neglect child/house duties I will try to spend HOURS reading if I can. That doesn't happen often.

    I don't get paid money to read books, but there are 3 publishers who will send me free books in exchange for reviews. This helps support my book reading habit! I usually have a selection to choose from and other times the book is just offered and I can say yes or no. These books just supplement whatever else I happen to grab off the shelves.

    I do remember most of what i read. I discovered recently that I have this "input" talent where I am constantly gaining random information that I recall at later times. After some time has passed I may not remember all the details of a book but I can tell you the story line and main plot points.

    I think that answers all the questions. My only question might be the average length of what most people are reading. It seems pretty easy to read just over 100 pages and rack up book counts... but when you have a 1000+ page book it takes much longer. I don't think it can accurately compare number of books read since some read longer books than others.

    1. Thanks for your answers. Sounds like really great stuff and it is so cool that you recieve books to read and review. I bet that is a blast.
      Also, thanks for your question. I think it is one that certainly would affect how fast some people read, but I would bet most people have page ranges all accross the board. So far, the book with the least amount of pages was 168 pages. It was a little psychology book filled with different meditations and inspirations. It was very cute and I did a different meditation everyday for 30 days. :). The book I read with the most pages so far has been 464. All together, my average is 339 pages. Not too bad and pretty typical for YA fiction.
      Last year I had quite a few books that were up in the 700 and 800 ranges. Perhaps that's why I read so few last year. I know I was stuck on some of them for a month or longer. Especially Anna Karenina! And I don't think I got much of it. It is being turned into a movie though so perhaps I will have to try and read it again.

  2. I would read more often if I had that talent. I get impatient.

  3. I'm certainly not one of the super-readers. You and I are on a par Aubrie. I only read before bed and while travelling. Apart from that, I'd love to read more. I do read for reviews though - either directly from the author of publishers/book tour operators. Very easy to get into, but the latter prefer you to have a certain amount of hits per day. Can't recall the limit now. I read for Novel Publicity, Dark Mind Books, The Literary Cafe, NetGalley amongst others. I love supporting authors and reading free. Whats not to love? :) X

    I'd love to read the answers of the super-reader who read 10 books last week! Thats more than a book a day - thats a LOT of reading. Perhaps if I only read, I could do it. If I literally did nothing else. X

  4. 1. How do you read so fast? Or do you spend a lot of your time reading?
    I have a lot of healthy problems, so if I'm not able to move around and do things, I read :) I also read reallly fast, so even if I'm not reading as much, I read a lot of pages :)

    2. Is reading a part of your profession, or just a fabulous hobby?
    Both! I don't actually have a job because of my health problems, but I'm spending a lot of my time working on developing my writing and I'm hoping to be a published author some day. That means a lot of time reading, often my own work, but a lot of what I read for pleasure helps shape my understanding of the craft in one way or another.

    3. This is semi related to the last questions...Do you get paid to read books? Nope

    4. Do you find that you remember a lot of what you read or do you often reread books?
    I retain a lot for a short period (month? longer?). How much I retain depends on how sick I was when I read it and how much of an impact the book made on me.

    5. Anyone else have any questions?

  5. Oh - and was I the one who read 10 books? Cuz I think I did this month... But I was really, really sick and literally did nothing other than read that week.

  6. Oh - and I left you an award lol


    1. Sorry to hear about your health and I do hope you are doing well. it is pretty cool though that you get all the time to read! it certainly is an amazing this! I do believe you and the private blogger, Casper, were the two that read 10 or more books! Craziness! Plus, Susan and Poekitten always amaze me with how many they can bang out!

      Also, thank you so much for the reward! I got all caught up and did the post for the two awards I have recieved!

    2. Thanks :) Still recovering - kinda a long story - but I'm mostly back to normal, just have to watch what I eat for awhile :)

  7. I am an average reader. Not sure how fast. But as long as I have free time to read a book I will be engrossed in it.
    With two kids, I get time little time to read during the day, but some nights I get time to read more.
    You won't believe but I read a lot right after having my second baby:D used to read while breast feeding her. I know I know people keep saying we should bond while feeding etc, but I can't bond while I am half nodding off while I fed. What better way to keep awake than reading some good books. Sadly can't count those books, as that was last year ;D

    Never been paid to read. It has always been a hobby, and will remain so.

    Some books I can recall whole stories. Some, I can remember chapters, some I can quote exact phrases. Those would be the memorable books I pick up along the way. Mostly I can recall the plots of many books. Sometimes I may forget an author or title but tend generally remember what the book was about.

    No other questions. You tend to ask all the right ones. :)

    P.S Casper is going to give the top readers some competition. Good luck! To the top readers.

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