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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Bookmark Break Challenge (3 Month Update)

I'm realizing that I have a real problem with writing a whole post and then accidentally deleting it! So, this is the next best thing...That post rewritten and dramatically reduced. So, I began with adding a comment about how much you guys have accomplished in the month of March alone! Amazing, especially Ruthie who is up 28 books!!! WOW! I, myself, am only up 5 books. :) But you're all awesome!

Then, I went on to tell everyone to move on to the competitor's list and somehow worked in the famous quote from The Hunger Games, "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

Then, I had this pic...

Here's the competitor's list thus far...Also, those of you with notes by your names, check them out and get back to me.

Competitor's List:
  • Ruthie (55 Books)
  • Casper (47 Books) *Private Blog
  • Susan (43 Books)
  • PoeKitten (26 Books)
  • Natalie (19 Books)
  • Eden Mabee (18 Books)
  • Corina (18 Books)
  • Shah (17 Books)
  • Sierra (17 Books)
  • Julie (16 Books)
  • SimplyMe (15 Books)
  • AubrieAnne (14 Books)
  • Lynette (14 Books)
  • Kyria (13 Books)
  • Kea (10 Books)
  • Ib (8 Books)
  • Cheney (7 Books)
  • Tegan (5 Books)
  • Shan (4 Books)
  • Lesley (3 Book)
  • Mrs. Facehead (1 Book)
  • The Creative Muslimah (1 Book)
  • Patrick---(Just to let you know, Note 2 in my Daily Updates I am not applying to you since I have been in contact with you during the competition. Although, I would love to see your book list so let me know when it is up and running!)
  • Glenda---Let me know when your list is up! Thank you. (Also, see Note 2 in the Daily Updates at the top of my blog.)
  • Carrie Ann---I have no link to find you at and your profile is private so I can't get a hold of you. If you see this please leave a link to your blog and or your book list in the comments and I will get you set up. Or you can email me at WhosYourEditor@aol.com if you wish to remain private. Thank you. (Also, see Note 2 in the Daily Updates at the top of my blog.)

Now, a quick look at my list thus far...I'm doing lots of rereading for some reason.

My Book List:

  1. Haiku for the Single Girl (Poetry/Comedy)
  2. The Web of Titan (YA/Sci-Fi/Space/Post-Apocalyptic)
  3. The Hunger Games (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  4. One for the Money (Fiction/Comedy)
  5. Catching Fire (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  6. Outside In (YA/Dystopian)
  7. Uglies (YA/Dystopian) *2nd Read
  8. Touch of Power (Fantasy)
  9. The Secret Garden (Classical Literature) *Kindle
  10. Incarceron (YA/Futuristic Fantasy)
  11. Prisoner of Time (YA/Romance)
  12. Two for the Dough (Fiction/Comedy)
  13. True Belonging (Non-Fiction/Psychology)
  14. City of Ashes (YA/Modern Fantasy)

And, a quick look at what I'm reading right now...Again, lots of rereading. I may have to make a discussion topic on this. Hmmm...

Currently Reading:

Here's what I can't wait to read!

On Deck:

Onto the next month!


  1. Wow! So many books to catch up.

    Just wanted to clarify, how long does each book have to be? I mean how many pages?

    1. Each book/graphic novel/etc. needs to be at least 100 pages.

  2. If it helps any I read so many cuz I was really sick - this month was definitely an aberration! Also, dear editor, you have several typos ;)

    1. I hope this month gets a little better!
      Yes, I see lots of typos. I was typing on a little notebook and it was sooooo hard. I'm going to go back through and correct. :)

  3. I feel like I have gotten behind...going to step it up in April :)

  4. Third place? Wow, I'm going to have to up my game :) Happy reading, all!

    1. Happy Reading for sure!!! You're still one of the fastest readers I know!

  5. Man, I am slipping behind! Are you re-reading the Hunger Games? I assume you have read it before? Have you seen the movie yet?

    1. Yes, I am rereading them. I was just going to reread the first one because I wanted to read it like a month before the movie came out so that I was refreshed, but not too refreshed to the point where I noticed everything the movie missed. Then, a ton of my friends were reading them (FINALLY!) and they were talking about it and I love the books so I read them ALL again! I just finished the 3rd last night and I was crying my eyes out even though I knew what happened. :(

      I saw the movie and completely enjoyed it!!! I think it was good that I didn't reread the first right before the movie though because I know they didn't include some stuff, but all in all I was very pleased (so much more pleased than I was with Twilight!)

  6. My page is updated at http://shanjeniah.com/bookmark-break-challenge-2010/

    I read another 2 books, for a March total of 3 books (6 books, total.).

    I am now aiming to read the same number of books as the number of the month. Seems to be working that way, naturally, so far! =)

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I'll get you all updated on the master competitor's list.

      Also, I like your goal! Good luck in November and December!!!!

  7. Hey Aubrie - I updated my page and I'm up to 19 (reading my 20th). So with your reads, were probably still neck-n-neck. You are so good to be able to read so many at the same time. I have been doing that a little more lately (mostly because a couple were boring and I needed to read them in chunks, with bursts of better reading in-between). I bet Game of Thrones is brilliant - My hubs and I are just half way through the 1st TV series. Excellent! :) X

    1. Nice. I updated you on the master list. You've pulled ahead of me, but if I knock down some of the books I started then we will be back to being neck and neck. Just a couple more thousand pages to go! lol. I am enjoying Game of Thrones. I wized through the first half, but have slowed down now. I'm just still so disapointed that the characters never really converge in the book. I am down to a point to where I know what characters I like to read about (each chapter being in the perspective of a different character) so I really am only interested in reading about them. lol. I know that must be terrible. Jon's story is just so much more interesting to me!!! I like reading about Eddard too, but his storyline has turned mostly to politics :(. Tyrion is always a good read. I love litte Arya. And Renly is my favorite character that doesn't get chapters in his point of view.

      I have seen a few episodes of the series and I think they are doing an excellent job. I just want to finish the book and then see the series in its entirety!

      Glad you are enjoying the series. You have any favorite characters yet?


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