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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kyria: Another Bookmark Break Challenge 2011 Winner!

As Kyria put in her email to me, it is better late than never!!! Here is another winner of last year's wonderful Bookmark Break Challenge. Kyria read a toatl of 66 books, almost twice the amount of books I read last year, and still more than the goal I set for myself this year!!! WAH-HOO! Kyria is also taking part in the challenge this year!
But here is what Kyria had to say about last year...

Challenge Questions:

1.      Why did you join the Bookmark Break Challenge in 2011? I like to set goals for myself and this seemed like a fun way to set a reading goal, to interact with other bloggers and to have a healthy competition!

2.      Did you set a goal for yourself in this challenge? I wanted to read at least 52 books last year and to hopefully beat AubrieAnne and be in the top third of the readers in the challenge.

3.      Do you have a goal for this challenge in 2012? This year I also hope to read at least one book a week and to beat AubrieAnne. My loftier goal is to hopefully beat my own total from 2011 (66 books).

4.      How did you learn to read so fast!? I have always read a lot. I am not sure if that helps. Also, I think that we each make time for different things in our life. Reading, for me, is one of the most important things, so I make more time for it rather than other things.

5.      What was the kind of thing you were reading the most? (Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, a certain genre, books for school?) I mostly read fiction with a touch of nonfiction thrown in from time to time.

6.      How did your love for books begin? My mother probably. She used to be an avid reader.

7.      What was your favorite book you read this year and why? There were quite a few, but one that you may not have heard of is The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer. It was about Jewish brothers during WWII. It was very sad but enlightening at the same time.

8.      What was your least favorite book you read this year and why? I read a lot of pretty bad chick lit books which are not even worth mentioning, but one that I had high expectations of due to other blogger reviews was The Wednesday Letters. I didn’t love it. Maybe it was because people hyped it up.

9.      Any books you are looking forward to in 2011? My To-Read book list is about a mile long, but I have heard good things about The Night Circus. I will have to check that one out.

10.   Any advice for those entering the challenge in 2012? Pick short books!

Random Questions:

1.      What do you love the most about yourself?  I am organized.

2.      What’s the most random thing that popped into your head today? I want to go to Mexico.

3.      What’s your blog and what’s it about? My blog is Travel Spot and it’s a mix of life, books, travel, running and photography.

4.      Tell me and my readers 2 truths and 1 lie and we’ll try to guess the lie. I love dogs. I never sleep with my socks on. I have a toy penguin.
5.     Tell me and my readers something you hold true to your heart, some wisdom. I hate backstabbers. I would rather you tell me to my face what you think rather than talk behind my back. So, be honest with people! Don’t be a fraud. Be true to yourself.
Thanks, Kyria!!! I loved hearing from you and reading all your answers. Good luck in this year's challenge!!!


  1. Congratulations! Wow, maybe I should try to set my goal as 66. Wonder if I could even come close.


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