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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bookmark Break Challenge (7 Month Update!)

We are now more than half way through this crazy competition! I know I have been pretty MIA here, but the competition is still on and many of you have not put down those books for even a second!!!

Let's see where everyone is at, shall we?

This button is up for grabs:


Here are the standings for the competition thus far...
Thank you! and remember...SAVE THE BOOKMARKS!

Wow! In these last few months the standings have made a few little shifts! That's what I like to see!

Susan is still holding on tightly to the number one spot with 88 books! She also has a very nice countdown for Cassandra Clare's new book on her blog. That was interesting because I just completed "City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare this weekend!

Poekitten has stolen the number two with her 62 books read. I also love the new look on her blog!

Rose is now in third with 47 books. Although, I may be recieving an update from her that may shake the standings once again!

Shah has taken my fourth place with 36 books. She is also on a neat little website called Shelfari! She turned me onto thgis website early in the year and we both use it. Here's her link if you want to check out the website and become friends with her on the website! http://www.shelfari.com/shahw1/shelf

Kyria is in fifth with 31 books. It looks like she is loving L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables  series. I would love to read those sometime.

Natalie is in sixth with 30 books. She just read a Caroline B. Cooney book. At one point, when I was in middle school, I read almost all of her books! I especially loved her Both Sides of Time trilogy!
I am currently in seventh place with 29 books. I have been reading quite a bit, but I got myself into some pretty daunting books. Young Adult! Here I come! I need some ultimate leisure reading! Also, here is my shelfari link. Friend me! http://www.shelfari.com/o1514210506/shelf
In eigth is Michelle wih 22 books. She's really been climbing the competition ladder these last few months!

Women's Right to Shoes and Selena are both in ninth with 15 books.

The Creative Muslimah is in tenth place with 8 books and has been one of the only contestants to really reach into non fiction reading.

In eleventh is dtwilight with 7 books. She has read A Little Princess which I love!

In twelfth is Patrick with 5 books. He really seems to like reading books multiple times! He's read The Hobbit 3 times and Silmarillion 4 times. I too like to read books multiple times (especially Harry Potter!)

Moana is in thirteenth place with 4 books. She has been reading a lot of Neil Gaiman's books so if there are any fans out there, Moana would be a good person to discuss some of his works with. I know The Creative Muslimah has read Coraline!

Finally, Alissa is in fourteenth place with 3 books. She also has a very nice review of the new/final Harry Potter movie that discusses some great points about deciding whether or not the new movie is appropriate for your children or not. :)

Great stuff guys! Keep it up! Send me any updates that you have for your list or just stop by to chat!

Also, here is the link to the official page for the competition. There yu can keep track of the standings and see the list of all the books that I have read thus far.  http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/p/bookmark-break-challenge_18.html


  1. Hi AubrieAnne!

    We've both been a bit MIA. Hope everything is good with you. I just updated my list, and I'm at 30 now. I'm slacking, I know. LOL

  2. Hey, thanks for keeping track of this! It looks like I finally passed you! This is a fun challenge... I don't think I will EVER catch Susan though -- she rocks!

  3. I'm glad that you're back in the blogging world! I've been awaiting the new standings, and even though I'm not first (or second or third), I'm still having a great time with the challenge. It's fun to have a record of everything that I've read--even if some of them are a bit odd for a 27 year old (like the Caroline B. Cooney!). But I guess that's what makes for a well-rounded reader, right? :)

    Hope post-college life is awesome!!

  4. I love this competition, and I am very impressed with the contestants. Unfortunately, I did not join this time around, but I know I would have been a contender. I read many books last summer, when I took time off from teaching. I have not quite hit the same level this summer so far, but if I had joined the competition 7 months ago, I would have been inclined to read even more. I love this contest. There is hope for the future!

  5. I'm still on top, huh? Wow. I haven't finished nearly as many books this month as usual due to vacation and reading FLASHBACK by Dan Simmons (it's huge!). I'm also starting to wonder if I'm going to meet my 2011 goal of reading 200 books. It's not looking good ...

    Thanks for the update. Glad you're back!

  6. I joined a bit ago, but I don't know if you caught it. I am WAY behind at like 5 books, but I wanted to let you know! Thanks!


    (a link to my short list) :)

  7. Hi Aubrie-Anne: Miss your posts. Just thought I's pop by. Thanks for showing my Shelfari link. Are you a member of Good Reads too? Thats a great place of a similar nature, though not linked to Amazon. You might like to take a look.


    Hope you're okay and loving life right now. I wonder what you're up to post qualifying? ;D

    Shah .X

  8. Hi AubrieAnne,
    I haven't spoken to you in such a long time - I haven't been blogging a lot lately.
    I came here to tell you that you have received an award from me! So, come past my blog and check it out.
    Dtwilight x

  9. Ok guys! I'm getting ready to post another update. Thanks for getting back to me and commmenting. I appreciate and love it!


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