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As many of you can see, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately! What can I say...Life.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Better late than never!

Hey guys! Long time, but I'm back for a bit so that I can finish up the Bookmark Break Challenge. So have all your lists updated by midnight on the 31st of December. Just a few updates...probably gonna drop the Movie Madness Challenge. Just been really busy! I'm loving my new job and I've actually sat down and written more of my book. It's great!!! Hope everyone had an amazing New Year. Maybe I'll see you around!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Very Very VERY Late Bookmark Break Challenge Update (9 Months)!!!

Hello all you beautiful people that I haven't talked to in over 3 months!!! Let me tell you, my home town gets infested in the months of June, July, and August!!! There were tourists up the wazoo and I had to serve every single one of them! Ughhhhh! I am happy that things are slowing down and I can get back to some fun.

Did I mention that I literally stoped reading and writing for those three months!! It was unbearable, but I'm back at it. I've read four books in the last week and a half and if feels GOOOOOOOD!

Take a look at the competitor's list. It's changed quite a bit since I've been gone...

Competitor's List:

YESSSSSS! Looking great! I don't even mind that I;ve slipped down almost six spots! your guys rock! Plus, I plan on catching up!

Also, if you are looking for a good read, check out thses last few books I read/am still reading! I've really hit a streak of great reads. I've listed them from the bestest to best in my opinion....

  1. Divergent (YA/Dystopian
  2. Sunshine (YA/Modern Fantasy)
  3. The Pledge (YA/Dystopian)
  4. The Death Cure (YA/Post Apocalyptic)
  5. Match (YA/Dystopian)
Seriously, check these out! Especially if you LOVE young adult and the trends it's been following!

A QUICK UPDATE ON ME!!! In bullet points for your convenience...

  • Worked in a bar for the last 3 months (ungodly busy place!)
  • Am done working at the bar in 6 days (YEAH!)
  • Got a new job that starts in two weeks. I am now the Internal Sales Coordinator for a company that does all the tshirts/swag/fun-stuff-with-logos-on-it for some of the largest companies in the area.
  • Picked up an unpaid internship in copywriting just for fun.
  • Still trying to finish at least 1 out of the 2 novels I am writing.
  • Still making jewelry and selling it in local shops.
  • Looking forward to recieving Shah's book in the mail so I can edit it!!
  • That's it...For now!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bookmark Break Challenge (6 Month Update!)

I read 4 books this month! Not nearly as many as last month, but I am still on track for my goal!

I haven't been on my blog lately, mostly because I've been away from a computer for a very long time, but I wouldn't forget about this!!! We are half way there! Let's see where everyone is at!

Competitor's List:

Keep on keeping people! Loving how things are getting a bit more mixed up this time around.

PS. Sorry for the short post, but I am finally getting a chance to work on my book and I am going for it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Note to Others #2

Note to others...Don't sass your coworkers through email! That's called a paper trail!

Words are precious and powerful. They need to be thought about before they are written, let alone spoken out loud.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bookmark Break Challenge (5 Months Update!)

I Read 9 Books This Month!!!
But I don't want to brag or anything. Just very happy!

Another month, another update as per usual. I saw some numbers, not unlike my own, skyrocket this month! That's always very nice to see. Take a look where the standings are at...

Competitor's List:
Woo Hoo! That's a healthy looking list with a full cast ranging from CRAZY readers, to sensible readers! I, personally, am well on my way to completing my goal of 1 book per week. I think I'm actually head by a few. I knocked down 3 of my 4 rereads this month which makes me very happy! AND I completeed my monthly goal of breaking into the twenties as far as how many books I have read thus far! Shah, I told you I'd catch up with you!

I think it is time for a bit of an Impromtu Q & A!!!

Answer these questions for me...

1. What book was the biggest pain this month?
2. What book do you recommend?
3. Tell me a quick story about how you found one of the books you read this month or how it found you. (Not technically a question, but feel free to leave an answer in the comments or write your own blog post on it!)
4. If you didn't read a lot this month or haven't had any of these experiences then just tell me what you read and what you thought of it!

Here are my answers!

1. The biggest pain was Anna Karenina, but I buckled down and finished it off in a couple of days (I admit, there was some skimming in the middle.) Sadly, I didn't get much out of my second read. Just, still don't like the book.

2. Out of all the books I did finish this month I would highly suggest Sisters Red, especially if you like a good modern fantasy. Some characters were a bit flat, but I loved one of the main characters, Scarlett! Her character made it all worth it!

3. I found Outlaws of Sherwood because of a book review that Ruthie over at Live, Love, Laugh, Write! wrote quite a while ago. I am a sucker for a good Robin Hood book so I couldn't turn it down. It took me a very long time to find it, though. It wasn't in any of the mainstream bookstores that I could find. Suddenly, when I had given up looking and thought of just buying it online, there it was, in the basement of one of my favorite bookstores in town, just waiting for me, and reasonably priced! I had to start reading it the second I got it home!

4. N/A. I had lots to talk about this month!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys! and HAPPY READING in the month of JUNE!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Dialogue...Between my Roommate and her Fiance (Scene 2)

I don't know about you guys but I find this stuff hilarious!

The Scene: (3 weeks ago) My roommate spends $30 on a container of wildflower seeds and fertilizer. She plants them the next day in the field in front of the house. (Present day) Me, my roommate, and my roommate's sister are in the kitchen baking cookies. My roommate's fiance walks in the door, having just finished mowing the lawn.

The Dialogue:

Honey, I mowed the lawn and made it bigger!
What do you mean?
I mowed down front.
How far?
Past the tree line!
You jerk! You mowed down all my wild flowers!
Looks outside. I don't see any wildflowers.
That's becuase he just mowed them all down.
Sister and I continue to laugh until we cry while roommate and fiance fight in the background.

End Scene:

Oh! The beauty of living with an almost married couple. Just too funny! If only roommate #2 was around more to enjoy it as much as I do. There are always tons of people at the house with roommates family, roommate's fiance's family, other roommate, and friends. Anyone else have a crazy living situation? Love it? Hate it?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Dialogue...Between my Roommate and her Fiance!

The Scene: Me, my roommate, her fiance, my roommates sister, and two of our good friends are all sitting in the kitchen discussing the expensive things we want.

The Dialogue:

I want a new coat, but the one I like is $125.
Friend 1 (Female):
My boyfriend just bought me a new purse. It's leather!
I like it!
I want a new dress for my cousins wedding, but the one I like is $225.
Friend 1:
I told myself that if I can make that in one night at the resturaunt then I can have it.
Friend 2 (Male):
I want an American Eagle credit card.
What's the percent on that?
Friend 2:
Why don't you get one that actually makes you points.
Yeah, why don't you just use the Amazon card?
You're giving me permission to use your Amazon credit card?
Honey, we're getting married. It's our credit card.

End Scene!

Just another random conversation in the house.
For all you engaged/married couples out there, wouldn't you just love to hear this?

Friday, May 25, 2012

You Can't Go Wrong...

You can't go wrong...when you take pictures of
cute dogs and cute babies!!!

All the pics of puppies are of Rupert! (Or Roo, as I like to call him.) He is my roommates new baby. And then the babies, starting at the top right is my cousin August, bottom right is my cousin D'Etta, and middle left is my cousin Wyatt. They all say hello!

Happy Friday Everyone!